About us

We believe each home is unique in its own way. Each home reflects the personalities of people living in it. We are here to let you decorate your home with all your personality traits in the most beautiful manner. Our range of bedding and home décor will help you bring out the best out of your personal space.



Our range comprises of a complete bandwidth of styles from handmade authentic Indian to modern chic European designs. With our wide range of designs, you can dress up your home in your taste. In order to keep your personal space trend right we keep adding new products to our range every fortnight.


We are here to offer you complete range of bedding and home décor in premium quality fabrics, sturdy material and latest designs. We ensure our products are top notch in quality so that you can keep using them for a lifetime as most of us fall in love with a particular bedding or a coffee table and want to keep using it again and again don’t we!!


We always try our best to offer best of the products at the sharpest prices as we understand every penny is important. We want you to have the feeling of accomplishment once you buy our product, so we provide the best deals to our customers.


Finally, our main goal is to let your home do the talking for you. Your home all decked up with our luxurious collections of home décor and bedding will speak out your personality to others. For sure you are going to be recognized as the one with the most splendid taste in your circle.