Decorate Your Space Your Way

The art of decorating a space has to be purely a representation of your own personality. A space comprises upholstery, furniture, lighting, and accents. While all the things together sum up the space but the most important part is done by the decor accents as they clearly depict your vibe and taste. 

The table accents can be placed on side tables, console tables, center tables, in the dining area, on the TV console, on the shelves you have got to especially keep them, on the fireplace and study table.

The modern age homes need a balanced blend of lavish, classy yet minimal table décor. New-age modern homes are moving away from the jarring metal décor accents toward more fun and aesthetic resin table décor. The sculptures and the figurines are handcrafted by expert artisans in quirky colors and styles. 

You can use these table accents to decorate your space in a trend-right manner. 

A few ways in which this wide range of table accents can be put up are: -

- In the study area

Study Table

Place an aesthetic vase on a shelf and add a few fun 3-dimensional animal figurines to the space like a giraffe and a pair of reindeers. 

It is better to pick up face planters rather than going for age-old basic vases as the Face Planter already has so many elements in them that even if you place them without the flowers, they will still look extremely aesthetic. 

- On the console table

Console Table

The big modern table accents like an urban design of a running horse make a statement and just placing this piece induvial on the console creates the complete look. You do not need any other décor object to make a statement in that area. You can place these statement pieces along with a frame and a lamp and your complete console table are all done to create the magic.

- On the Shelves in Your Room


Love Greek sculptures? Then you should definitely create a corner for them. 

Ditch the boring white Greek sculptures instead invest in Greek Sculptures which are in fun bright or pastel colors like shades of yellows and blues.

Place these busts on the shelves and your corner will surely make the head turn.

- On the Center Table

Center Tables

Place a nice figurine on the center table and create a story along with it for doing the Table Decor.

Use a minimal planter with the figurine and add one or two platters on the sides to keep your daily essentials on them or simply place small glass jars on the side to complete the look.